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About Us

BRS Backyard Bug Busters provides all natural tick and mosquito control applications to outdoor properties. We also provide lawn care fertilization and weed control on residential and commercial lawns. BRS Backyard Bug Busters is a family owned business created based on a need and backed by a passion. A need to help protect our family, and yours, from additional cases of Lyme disease and a passion to fulfill our obsession with the great outdoors.

BRS Backyard Bug Busters was established in the great city of Ringwood, New Jersey and has moved its home location to Vernon, New Jersey. We strive to be the best of natural based lawn care and all natural tick and mosquito control in the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon areas. BRS Backyard Bug Busters has put customer service first to ensure that you will have the greenest and most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood that is free of ticks, mosquitoes, and pesky insects.